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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Brussels, [14/04/2019] - Digital Together is pleased to announce that the full report of the round table event "Digital movers and consumers, setting the agenda for the next legislature" (Read the Article), organised in collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce, is now available to download (Click Here).

Digital Together has been working intensively over the past few months to map out the pathway for its future development. The report summarises the second public meeting organised by Digital Together following its launch at the European Parliament (Read the Article) and is a key document for the future of the organisation.

In addition, the report presents the views of a series of highly influential stakeholders in the European digital landscape, including consumer associations, digital and non-digital businesses, European legislative bodies and category associations that have all gathered around the Digital Together project. All the participants shared their concerns about the discrepancies that currently afflict the digital world, which restrict the technology's potential and significantly reduce its benefits for citizens.

Addressing the link between Digital and citizens is the only way we're going to develop workable regulations” said Simone Ceruti, Co-Founder of Digital Together, summing up.

There was a consensus during the round table discussion that the exponential growth of digital technology in the last decade has left stakeholders at a disadvantage because of the difficulties regulation/legislation in the digital sphere has experienced in keeping pace. The participants also highlighted the need for Europe to provide for a sustainable technological future by providing suitable frameworks for constructive collaboration and to solve technology-related issues.

That's why the idea behind Digital Together is being welcomed by a wide range of stakeholders.

They're keen to address the major gaps that have divided users, providers and regulators, and which have left citizens plagued by data protection uncertainties and lack of trust in the platforms they use, despite valuing how digital technology empowers every aspect our lives. Striking a balance in this vital area is challenging but doable. 

Which is why Digital Together exists. To listen to digital-savvy citizens and consumers, and to represent their interests, giving them a voice at the heart of digital policy and development. Digital Together aims to create a platform that promotes ongoing, open and constructive transversal dialogue, both online and face to face: a dialogue that establishes clear and measurable shared objectives for all stakeholders, laying the foundation for everyone across Europe to benefit from the extraordinary explosion in innovation that is just over the horizon.  (From the report)

 “Digital is a life changer, how you [individually and in a societal sense] harness digital technology is key to your future and the future of Europe,” Michael Benis, Co-Founder of Digital Together”.

If you're curious to discover more about what we're creating, please register to receive a free copy of the report. Whether you're a policymaker, business leader or citizen we value your ideas, so please tell us what you think and be a part of Digital Together.


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"A Website like Digital Together could be fundamental to make different actors meet each other around the same table. It should be used to listen, detect, understand the needs of users, consumers, prosumers in order to promote transparency and dialogue"

– Luisa Crisigiovanni, Secretary General at Altroconsumo & BEUC Treasurer