Digital Together researches, engages with, understands and speaks proactively for digitally-active citizens, ensuring their views, needs and interests are represented at the heart of European policymaking and public debate.

As part of this work, Digital Together fosters collaboration that extends across and beyond the digital sector, anchored in a strong and proactive community of stakeholders: digitally-active citizens, consumer associations, industry associations, policymakers and companies and organisations that develop and/or deploy digital technology.


Our rationale is centred on the claim:


"Digital helps us live better!


Digital Together is driven by the conviction that digital technology is enabling, empowering, liberating and creative.


That it is a force for good, enabling us to live safer, healthier and more productive lives.


That it empowers us to do what we need to more efficiently, making the most effective use of our time and talents.


We believe in human. In the power of creativity and community.


We believe that every human action can be a creative act which brings people together.


And we believe in digital technology as a means to serve, connect, free and empower human creativity, enabling us to be the best we can be.


Digital Together brings human and digital together, so we can live more fulfilling lives individually, and work better together to create a better world.