Digital technology is changing our lives for the better in countless ways through continuous innovation. 


Digitally-active citizens embrace and inspire these innovations, constantly seeking and adopting new functionalities, applications and integration. 

Digital Together engages with and listens to digitally-active citizens through research, events and roadshows, communicates their enthusiasms and concerns through case histories, research publications and position papers, and advocates exclusively on their behalf, representing their views and needs at the heart of European policymaking and public debate, aiming to:​


  • Make digital a fundamental consideration in all new policies.

  • Empower European digital innovation by bringing the needs of digitally-active citizens to the top of the European decision-making agenda.

  • Bring together everyone who provides or regulates digital solutions to help foster mutual understanding through a responsive awareness of the needs of digitally-active citizens.

To achieve this, Digital Together has chosen to be headquartered in Brussels, the centre of European research and development, policymaking, consumer associations and world digital leaders. We are thus ideally placed to foster relations and understand and engage in constructive dialogue with all parties in the digital world and beyond, promoting the enthusiastic voice of digitally-active citizens.


So digital can continue to help us all live better.