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Digital technology is changing our lives for the better. And using it to its full potential helps us live to the full. 


Digitally-active citizens embrace and inspire these innovations. They’re the early adopters in every area from wearables to intelligent driving, digital public services and home automation. But they’re also — quite simply — anyone and everyone who uses digital technologies to enhance and improve their daily lives.​

Digitally-active citizens enthusiastically navigate the changes that fast-paced innovation brings. And yet they are not directly supported or represented in public debate, hampering innovation and its uptake.

Digital Together opens a space in the crowded European policy debate to represent the views and interests of digitally-active citizens, advocating and campaigning exclusively on their behalf to bridge the gaps between policy and regulatory development, companies, public services and citizens so that all parties can work effectively together to build an empowering digital future.

Digital Together is being set up by leading digital innovators to promote the interests, views and needs of digital citizens with the aim of improving the development, usability, security and adoption of digital technology for individual quality of life and the common good.

Headquartered in Brussels, Digital Together involves citizens, public services, consumer associations, regulators and digital leaders in a proactive dialogue that brings the voice of digitally-active citizens to the heart of the European policy debate. 

This website was created to mark the launch of Digital Together at an Event held in the European Parliament on 21 June 2018,at which we presented our first Survey, including the surprising key finding that although digital technology is a core part of Generation Z's everyday lives, young people are still unaware of many of the areas in which it helps us live easier, safer, more productive and more fulfilling lives.


Discover more about what we're going from the Digital Together Manifesto, informed by our first Survey and underpinned by our VisionMission , and Values.


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